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Terms & Conditions

1. User Account:
1.1 : Your login password must be kept private and confidential at all times.
1.2 : User can create only one account. Any attempt to create more than one account will
permanent suspension of all account involved. This also applies to your payment processor accounts, which must be unique.
1.3 : Your account need to have a unique username and email address.
1.4 : A computer/phone/net connection must be used by a single user.
1.5 : Hotsport or share net connection are not allowed for multiple account.

2. Point Collect:
2.1 : We will never pay if you use 3rd party apps or web for collect point.
2.2 : VPN user will atomatically ban from out system and we will never pay for there fake work.
2.3 : You can collect point by reading news and others task.
2.4 : Multiple Divise are accessable for single user.

3. Payment:
3.1 : All Payment will paid within 2-3 busyness day.
3.2 : All payment will be maid via :
International : Paypal
National : bKash/ Nagad/ Mobile recharge(BD)
3.3 : You can change any payment method by send a mail. 3.4 : Payment mehtod are changeable only 2 times for any active account.
3.5 : If you miss any payment just send a mail as early as possible with your account details. We will solve it soon.
3.6 : For Paypal withdraw: Your earnings will be automatically paid on 1st day of each month but only if your earning have reached a total of $1.00

4. Credit Rate:
4.1 : Credit rate are not fixed. some time we pay 1$ for 900 Credits and sometime 1$ for 1000 Credits. Its depend on business profit.
And remember, your account balance will be atometically increase/decrease when credit rate will change.

5.Account Suspension:
5.1 : Account will atomatically disable for more then 10 days inactivity.
5.2 : If you break out any rules your account will lead to the permanent suspend without any payment

6. Referrals
6.1 : You may only earn from referrals that you rented or directly yourself.
6.2 : For free Referrals you can earn life time 15% Referrals commision when they make ther withdral.
6.3 : You can only rant paid Referrals when they are available and within the limit of your current account.
6.4 : Referrals earning are not fixed its depend on Referrals activity.
6.5 : Every rant Referrals will be expired within 10 days.
6.6 : rant Referrals commision will atomatic added to your account balance within 24 hours.
6.7 : you must needed earn at list 5 credits within last 24 hours for earn from rant referrals.
you can check your last 24 hours credits history from referrals page.

7. Advertisement
7.1 : You can promote your youtube video or your others affiliated marketing by our advertisement section or by micro job section.
7.2 : We reserve the right to deny any advertisement if we do not see fit to be displayed.

8. Credit Buy
8.1 : you can buy credit for promote your web/youtube video.
8.2 : you can buy credit from buy credit menu.
8.3 : If you want to buy credit by paypal just send a support mail.

For Any Support : support@earningpoint.club
Developed by: Sakil Suva
        If You Have Any Questions feel free to ask us