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10 EASY Ways to Lose Weight and Get sweet and Healthy-earning point

There are lots of weight loss videos and tips on the internet but only few of them are scientifically proven or have any real outcomes.
Here are 10 easy ways to lose weight & get sweet and healthy:
1. Avoid Processed Foods:
Processed foods are usually high in added sugars, fats and calories. Also this foods are made to sell as much as possible.
2. Avoid Intake of Sugar
Not only added sugar but also natural sugar is a reason behind weight gaining. Added sugar is linked with some of the leading new. Minimizing the intake of sugar is a complete game changer for weight loss.
3. Drink Water
Drinking 0.5liters of water may increase calorie burning by 24-30%. Also drinking water before a meal helps one to reduce the amount of food intake. It can also be beneficial by cutting other beverages which contains sugars such as soft drinks and energy drinks.
4. Avoid Liquid Calories
Soft drinks, Fruit juices, chocolate milks and energy drinks are so bad for health. This calories always have an extra impact on body.
5. Limit the intake of Refined Carbs
Refined carbs are very much beneficial for health. They are easily digested so it increase the risk of overeating and disease.
6. Drink Green Tea
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants. Green tea may increase calorie burning by 4% and also increase selective fat burning by up to 17%. Matcha greet tea is another kind of powdered green tea which have a much more beneficial side than the normal green tea.
7. Eat Fruits & Vegetables
Rather than eating meats and carbs eating fruits & vegetables may fulfill hunger. It is possible for one to take large portions without consuming too many calories.
8. Use Smaller Plates
Using a smaller plate helps to eat less. It changes the view of the portion size one is taking.
9. Eat Slow
Studies have shown that if anyone eat too fast they may eat extra amount of calories before the body realizes that they are full, causing a chance of obesity.
10. Get Enough Sleep
Sleeping is the time when body burns fat for the works from body. Sleep deprived people are up to 55% more likely to become obese.


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