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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1: How To Earn Money from this site?
Ans1: Go to home page then click on Task 1 or Task 2 or other Task. Then go Step By Step and collect your Points.
Q2: What is Hourly Limit?
Ans2: Your Credit Earning Hourly Limit is 30. Don't worry, you can start work again after 5-10 minutes.
Q3: How Many Credits I need for earn 1$ ?
Ans3: It's not Fixed.It can be changed every day even it can also be changed every hour. Actully, it depends on our earning revenue capcity. Average Credit is1000 credit=1$
Q4: What is the BDT Exchange rate for 1$ on our site?
Ans4: It's not Fixed. it depends on daily dollar Exchange rate. Avrage exchange rate is 77-87.
Q5: What is the minimum withdraw for this site?
Ans5: Minimum withdraw for mobile recharge is 10TK - for bKash: 50Tk - for other payment method is 1$
Q6: Why my daily balance increase or decrease automatically?
Ans6: Balance always depends on today's credit rate.So, it can increase or decrease automatically.Don't worry it can never more increase or decrease.
Q7: How long does it take a payment to process?
Ans7: It can take about 24 hours for bkash, Mobile recharge or other payment method for the compleation of processing.
Q8: Can I have more than one account on one device?
Ans8:Sorry, you can't do it. If you try to create multiple account, your IP will permanently banned. So, please Don't try to do that.
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